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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 4, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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. we will show you pictures here, these are pictures from the chopper 12. the situation has improved since we last showed you the live pictures ten minutes ago. we were seeing dark bright orange flame. and now we see smoke and water is being put on the fire area. the fire started at 1:00 at a two-story building between 22 22nd and 23rd street on mission
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street. people have been sack waited and we -- evacuated. a man nearby tells us he's worried about the smoke. >> i've been here for about 35 minutes. i've seen a lot of smoke everywhere. i hope everyone is okay. i live that way, and i hope p my house is not smoked. i am scared to go home because i don't know how much is in the air over in my neighborhood. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> yeah. i saw a road catch on fire, and i saw the one that caught on fire over in china basin by the giants park. and i've never been this close. it's a lot of smoke. i don't want to breathe it in. you know? i can't go home now. >> that's a ktvu interview with a man that lives nearby.
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he referenced two large fires, many people in the bay area know. the big santa that road fire, and the huge fire at the apartment complex that was under construction near a the t and t park at mission bay. patty lee has been on the scene since the fire started and we will bring her in. when we talked to you last you were thugging about orange flame and thick smoke. i am guessing that's changed for you. >> reporter: in the past 15 minutes, they have closed off another street. this is 21st and they have been pushed back against the yellow tape. also, this engine moved in about 15 minutes ago, and you can see it's refilling just another example of how many resources have been thrown at the fire in the middle of this crowded strict. we met up with -- district. we met up with folks evacuating from the building that shares a
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wall with the building that caught fire. this house had 20 people who lived in there, within five units, and they have all scattered and are now possibly looking for a new place to live. we are efforting an interview with the chief at this point. she's obviously busy and we will have more on this fire in a few minutes. >> ktvu patty lee is live for us on the scene. thank you. we understand the smoke is blowing east towards the city. and that's in the direction of at&t park. according to what we know from the weather center, it's not reaching there. just to give you a good locater at which direction the smoke is going in. the fire fight is not over from this live picture, you see we do not see any of the bright orange flame we were showing you last time. still, though, we see a number of fire fighters on the scene. the water is being put on the fire and a lot of gray smoke rising. but it's the light smoke that results from water being put on
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smoldering material. so the fire fight is underway at this point. it's a five alarm fire, two- story building and we are working to get more information. the minute we do, it goes straight on and ktvu twitter and facebook accounts. you can and join us for more information on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. hear the engine is having some trouble. pilot's like we have a partial power loss. we have to make an emergency landing. you can see he's near the field, a city to the left, and trying to land. the pilot proves his training was really good because he was able to land this thing. keep watching.
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he says, we're going to hit the trees. tried to land there, but it's the trees that help him stop. >> oh. >> yeah, gets caught, those wings. calm in the whole thing. >> why bank to the right? >> i think it's terning away from the town. >> a pilot's job, that goes wrong, avoid built up areas. >> whoever trained him on emergency landings, they get an a-plus. >> the pilot does today. >> the pilot says, get out, get out. >> i'm done. >> this is a clear reminder you always have to plan for the best but prepare for the worst when you a pilot especially. >> i have always, always wanted to jump out of a plane, but i must be out of my mind -- it's never going to happen. i love the videos, and i love them now because of the wing suits. wing suits are pretty cool.
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we have fantastic footage of the jones brother, not the jonas brothers. >> would be so much cooler. >> i thought you were going to say you wanted to throw them out of the plane. >> pretty much. >> they are very lovely. >> this is a sky dive school in canada. these three brothers decided, well, you know, they'll do a performance while there. they have spectacular footage of them flying. >> cool about this, we've not seen before, people doing acrobatics in the wing suits like tucking, rolling, flips, turns, and spins. that's a brand new take on the wing suit. >> is this is a display they did for the a competition held at the school. it's cool. they flay face-to-face and hand-in-hand. >> like a flying squirrel couple. >> interested to see where it
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goes with wing suits, a slew of things not done yet because no one's had the guts to do. it's a big day for baby lockland. >> he's fitted with his first hearing aid ever. >> the priceless moment when he finally hears -- >> hello -- hello! >> oh, this is remarkable. >> yeah. >> and this is the king of the jungle, but it's clearly obvious that he's just too cute. >> why many the dog can't be tamed. t good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phphilillilipsps d digigesestith support is a duo-probiotic ththatat h helelpsps s supupplpd bacteria fofounund d inin t twowo p parar digestive tract. i'i'm m dodoubublyly i imp! phphilillilipsps' ' didigegest a daily probiotic.
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talk about a life changing moment caught on camera. this is the precious 7-week-old locklin. he's been fitted with his very first hearing uncomfortable, and you'll think he'll cry, but watch the reaction when he hears -- >> hi! >> oh! >> hi! >> he's smiling. hello! >> oh, my gracious. oh, this is remarkable. >> it's not so bad once you see their reactions. >> in the room with him are his mom and dad, michelle and toby, and not only is the first time the baby is hearing, but this is also the first time he's smiling for them.
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it's too big firsts for the family. >> what's remarkable is they discovered his hearing issue this early in life. >> well, at four weeks old, he had a newborn diagnosis which revealed he hadd ede moderate t severe hearing loss, and three weeks later, they placed this hearing aid. he's now 2 years old, learning how to speak, loves listening to music, and he is a happy child. >> such a magical moment. in the beginning, he's not happy, kids are never happy, but the moment where the eyes are wide, and goes, oh, and he realizes, hang on, this is a new thing. such a magic moment. >> he's smiling! there's a show on investigation discovery that people love to talk about online called "surviving evil." you might recognize the host known for "buffy the vampire slayer" telling the stories of
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remarkably strong, extraordinary women who are faced with cold-blooded killers. the season premier focuses on a woman who was a nurse at a rehab center. she comes into work for the late night shift, and one of the patients murdered a security guard and takes her hostage. >> she had no feelings in his eyes, no emotion. like a monster, like i was looking at a monster. >> incredible thing about her as the host, she has her own survival story. back in the 1990s, she was swimming in a state park in san diego and a rogue officer held two of her friends and her at gun point. to talk about the show, to talk about her own story, we have charisma carpenter here from los angeles. welcome to the show. >> hi, thank you for having me. >> the show is fascinating. talk to us about your experience for people who don't know your history and are not familiar with the show.
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>> yeah, i was out at a beach, and the perpetrator was stalking me and as time went on and he became brazen and attacked me and my two friends. it seemed like initially it was a robbery, but it was evident that he had more plans. >> she asked him, what are you going to do next, rape me? he said, you bet i am. >> my friends were shot, one seriously, but not critically, and they survived. >> is there one thing that all of you have that made the difference dupg in the stories? >> i think the biggest common denominator is the willingness and strength to fight back. >> what do you hope viewers take from the show? >> an education and awareness, like, this is happening and could have been prevented. it is about empowerment and strength.
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>> is there something women can do to prevent something like these cases to them? >> don't take anything for granted. if you have a gut feeling that someone or situation does not feel right, don't ignore it. don't talk to strangers. >> if watch the season premier wednesday, september 3rd at 9/8 central on investigation discovery. it's safe to say the horse thinks it's something else. she has goats and a horse, and her neighbors notice one day, hey, did you know that the ghosts like to get on dr horses love to just give rides whether it's people, goats, whatever. >> i want to see the goats take the horse show jumping. that's when i'll be impressed. >> she says that max likes to care for the goats. i think max thinks it's a nanny
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goat. >> i think max is a patient horse. >> king of the jungle? it's clearly obvious that he's just cute. >> oh. >> that is manny, a french bulldog with a lion head on, and manny, watch him try to roar. this is so fan tast tick. i can't believe the ow trained the dog to roar or if he's annoy at this thing crying, please get me this off my head. >> far too adorable, but i'm not scared of him. king of my heart. >> king of our hearts. well, these girls defend that? >> what's up with your outfit? >> that's next "right this minute."
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still to come, shooting practice turns into a surprise proposal. >> this says, will you marry me? >> that's really far away. >> why her answer goes off with a bang. plus, this guy's trying to answer the burning question -- >> does ham laminate? >> what happens when he sees the machine. >> oh, it's not good.
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totogood thing she used news b . act braces care mouthwash. it's designed to help clean around braces, frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. up next, ladies, we have a proposal for you. this guy decided to think outside the box. this is joshua, and his girlfriend, stacy, has been on him, come on, when are we getting married? they like to go shooting. he created a target that says, will you marry me, on the target. it has no, no, no all the way around, and in the middle, it's got yes. >> this is risky because if she didn't like him anymore, you're suddenly stuck there with a
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woman who is saying no, and she's got a gun in her hands. >> what? ha-ha! oh, my gosh. >> she's shaking now because she's so excited. hard to aim when you're nervous and hands are shag iking. >> you have to shoot the red. >> i'm shaking. >> if you miss, it's another three-year wait. >> that's really far away! that is not a close target. >> he put behind the yes, they laid an explosive triggered by a bullet. >> he doesn't know if it's yes or no? >> it only explodes if she hit yes. >> great aim. >> rubber band, catapult.
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♪ cue the scary music. just when you thought it was safe to go back into the hills of new zeel lan, the an gray ram is back. he made appearances here on "right this minute." >> evil looking ram. >> he chased mr. marty, chased him off the hill, and he name the ram rambro. you're hearing the sound of the drone. annoying sound. the ram doesn't know what it is. by the sound, he thinks it's a swarm of bees coming to attack him. what does ram do? ram it? oh, yeah. the drone crashes into the big pile of bushes, but this is an 8
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00 dollar piece of equipment. he needs to get it back. >> what are you doing, boy? >> he finds the drone. look there, perched in a bush, crashed, think it would be mangled and tangled, but it's fine. >> stop messing with the ram. >> no, they have a relationship. >> it's a rambromance. >> fighting him with a stick? >> yes, to prevent getting rammed. >> you shall not pass. >> this is used to specifically see where the ram is before he heads out to the mountain to motorbike. all is well that ends well. they are fine. >> i just intrigue to see where it goes next. he's trying to do the old bottle break trick over the toilet, but -- >> this is not going well.
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>> the switch that leaves a serious hole in the plans. >> inside each of us is a little bit of minion. the part of us that wants to play, wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride
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at universal studios hollywood.
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he can't even cheat well. landing in the stadium doesn't go as planned. ♪ >> oh! i'm going to call this segment, hey, dude, i think you are going to need a new one of those. you know as soon as the video picks up talking physics and someone's drunk, this is not going to go well. this is posted on premise 187 youtube's channel. this fellow claims if you hit on a bottle hard enough you can break the bottle. he's a conscientious fellow. he'll do it over the toilet because when the bottle breaks,
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he doesn't want to spill beer all over his buddy's floor. >> ha-ha! >> oh, no! >> yep. the bottle did not break. but the toilet did. >> look at the hole in the thing. >> what? >> now there's not beer all over the fellow's floor, but there's toilet water. >> did not see that coming. >> exactly. i think his buddy needs a new toilet at this point. now, this video is older, but now trending. this fellow doing something in the office. he was trying to answer the burning question, the question we've all asked, does ham laminate? can you laminate ham? puts a slice of meat between the two sheets and feeds it through the automatic lamb ninator. there's offices there, and in goes the ham. >> i can't wait to see this. >> watch as it comes out.
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>> that's bad. >> it comes kind the out, but it's like this thin, white film. it's not even ham anymore. >> it's going to come out. >> oh, because it's squeezing, right? it's rubbing the ham into the machine so what's coming out is just the fat. >> oh! >> it's in the ham probably squirting out the back end and all inside the laminator. >> yep. that's the show, everybody, thank you for joining us and see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day. we got them "right this minute." ♪ >> it's chaos in the streets with twoids -- >> caught right in the middle of it. >> how a little girl survive one maniac driver. >> oh,]. stunning video as a plane clips the fence. >> an impact like an explosion. >> why drivers on the nearby freeway got an even scarier view. rescuers try to reach a kayaker stranded for a


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